A filter for purifying well water
A filter for purifying well water
Lipiec 4, 2019
Bitter water after filtration
Bitter water after filtration
Lipiec 15, 2019

Water filters with reverse osmosis – what is it?

Water filters with reverse osmosis

Producers of water filters- including a Polish brand Dafi- have many kinds of appliances and filters purifying water. One of them is a filter which uses the reverse osmosis. What is it and what is its phenomenon? We will try to answer these questions.

The process of reverse osmosis

It is called RO. It involves the use of semi-permeable membranes (osmotic membranes), the essence of which is the selective separation of water from substances that are dissolved in it, without the need to use chemicals.

Reverse osmosis filter tasks

The higher than osmotic hydrostatic pressure used for the filtration process is to squeeze only the water molecules from the higher concentration solution (eg dirty water). Water will penetrate through the osmotic membrane from a more concentrated solution – salts will be dissolved there – to a lower concentration.

Why are filters so important?

Thanks to them water becomes puryfied in almost 99% from metals, sand, pollution, rust and also minerals. Dafi producer wanted to meet the expectations and prepared cartridges for osmosis with a mineralizer. They are responsible for enrichment of water with elements necessary for the human body: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and others. The price starts form 16 USD and in a set we have mineralizer, 2 contributions from charcoal coconut, which remove rust, slurries, impurities and sand, as well as 2 carbon cartridges – organic and improving the taste and smell of water. We should remember about its exchange every 6 months. Thanks to this type of refills, water deprived of some components during the reverse osmosis process is not only drinkable, but also healthy and safe. Not everyone knows that bottled water, juices and beherages consists of water treated with reverse osmosis.