Bitter water after filtration
Bitter water after filtration
Lipiec 15, 2019

How much does drinking water cost and how to save money on it?

How much does drinking water cost and how to save money on it

Water is a basic product of daily use. Apart of the hygienic application it has one crucial role- to irrigate our organism. Because of the frequent consumption of water – let’s assume that the daily „ration” is 1.5 l, or about 550 l per year – it is worth considering whether we can save money on it.

The cost of bottled water

Much depends on the type of water (spring, mineral, carbonated, non-carbonated) and the bottle’s capacity. The lower the „measurement” is, the bigger the cost is. Let’s analyze non- carbonated water from one of Polish producer. An average cost of 0,5 l bottle is about 0.40 USD. In turn, for a three-and-a-half-liter portion we will pay about 0.5 USD, and with a five-liter bubble, the cost is reduced to 0.3 USD / liter. Let’s assume- theoretically- cheaper and more expensive variant. Drinking 1,5 l bottled water daily for 365 days we have yearly cost of 192 USD for one person. If we choose more economic purchase, we have to calculate how much we would use the bottles in a year. About 550 liters of the organism needed annually are 110 pieces of 5-liter bubbles. This gives a cost of 145 USD, thanks to which we save almost 53 USD.

Of cource, it is not a precise conversion rate because not everyone but water from the same producer, but it is worth to take it into consideration while comparing water which we use. It can turn out that presented calculations do not differ too much. We should remember that while garbage generated from discarded bottles can be processed, the costs of segregation and export remain.

Maybe it’s better to drink „tap water”?

As it was presented, bottled water is a considerable expense. That is why we are looking for replacements. Fast way is to drink tap water. In 2019 in Poland the average price per cubic meter of water (1000 l) is just over 1,3 USD.