A filter for purifying well water
A filter for purifying well water
Lipiec 4, 2019

Dafi pitcher – how much water to pour?

dafi pitcher

Proper using of a product brings full satisfaction. The quality of Dafi’s products ensures the long-term use of water filtering pitchers, bottles and other filtering devices. Most of all, it is crucial to install a filter propery and how much water to pour into the pitcher to work correctly.

I have a pitcher – and what next?

In the case of the filter’s first use, water should be filtered twice in order to vent it. We put a filter in a pitcher and we press gently inside the filter chamber. We put the top cover on the top. Finally, we set the indicator to remind us of the next filter replacement. Depending on the model, it can be a manual or electronic indicator – in the case of the second one, we hold down the button until the sensor blinks. From this moment, the device measures 30 days. We must remember to keep it clean. Before the next filter replacement, all of the pitcher’s parts should be washed . No matter what it is made of ( glass or material), it is recommended to wash it under running warm water with the addition of dish detergent.

How to filter water?

After installing the filter and setting the indicator, we can start using the pitcher. The filter works practically alone. It cleans water as it flows through it. The manufacturer recommends pouring cold tap water through the appropriate hole in the pitcher. After a while the water will slowly begin to flow into the water container below the filter. The whole process should not last longer than a few minutes (depends on the amount of water that we pour into the filter).

The optimal measure of water filling

We can pour to the pitcher as much water as it is able to accommodate. Dafi has in its offer pitchers with a capacity of 2 to even 4 liters. The most important is to wait until filtration of the whole of  filled water so that it does not mix with the one between the tanks. Advised and more economic is filtering of such amount of water that is necessary at the moment. After 12 hours purified water is not so fresh that is why it should not be left for night. It is enough to refill new part of tap water. We should avoid leaving a pitcher in a sunny place – especially in summer – because heat affects the growth of microorganisms and algae. Dafi filters will cope with hard water, so we can use the so-called tap water.