Water filters with reverse osmosis
Water filters with reverse osmosis – what is it?
Lipiec 10, 2019
How much does drinking water cost and how to save money on it
How much does drinking water cost and how to save money on it?
Lipiec 17, 2019

Bitter water after filtration

Bitter water after filtration

Taste and smell of water are important. We are guided by them while making choices. A proper mineral content is the second important segment, because for health reasons, we can feel the need for a given element more. Filtering water in pitchers and bottles created for this purpose it’s a great convenience, because we need ordinary tap water. Is such water good in taste?

Tap water and filtering

A process of water purification is connected with adding chlorine which puryfies it and  deprives of harmful substances. At this point water is healthy but while flowing through home installations it can be contaminated with damaged pipes, sand and microorganisms. In the result, the hardness of water increases and household appliances start to break down. For sure, not once we were witnesses of sediment appearing on the walls of glasses filled with tea, when we used tap water to do it. The aim of filtering is to eliminate this problem. This process not only influences the taste of water but also its smell- chlorine disappears. It is a much cheaper sollution in comparison to buying bottled water. Aditionally, we do not make garbage obtained from plastic packaging.

Does filtering influence dishes?

Scientists from The University of Saragossa in colaboration with professor of nutrition technology Rosa Almudí Oria and the German company Brita conducted researches and tests which they made on dishes prepared on tap water and filtered water. The result showed that using filters has a significant influence on dishes’ quality. They not only have better taste and smell but they also look more tasty. Vegetables are softer, so they are cooked faster and the tea is much less turbid.

Defects in minerals, bitter taste – myths and filtration facts

The most common complaint of filtering water is that it is deprived of valuable elements and it is closer to distilled water which is not drinkable in large quantities.