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A filter for purifying well water

A filter for purifying well water

Having a well is still quite a useful solution of water consumption. It especially works, when there is a failure of water supply networks. Obtaining such water can be quite expensive. Is it safe and healthy? What to use in order to purify it? We will try to answer these and other questions in a following article.

Well water- what for the beginning?

First of all, we should perform tests which will check if water from our well can be drunk. We have to do it at your own expense. If it turns out that it does not contain harmful substances, a pump can be connected which pumps water from a well. But, it is not the end. We should de- iron it, in order not  to harm plants and appliances. Watering flowers or washing cars also need decent water condition. Otherwise, the plants will quickly fade, and the vehicles and other equipment may be attacked by the rust due to the high hardness of the water. The sediment on the surface will corrode.

Filter water from the well?

A well is not a hermetically sealed place. Water from depths consists of sand, and in the case of livestock farms, substances from spraying or cesspool can get into it. Boiling water from well also does not give us one hundred percent certainty that we drink healthy water, because during the process only some viruses and bacteria that die at 100 ° C are removed. Its hardness is increased and that is why some household goods’ parts can be destroyed, including heaters, sanitary ceramics and shower faucets. It is recommended to filter this water.

Flow filter suitable for well water

The Polish producer Dafi has in its offer many filters for homes. There is also the one that would be an ideal solution for water obtained from a well: – nitrate removal filter – it gets rid of excess nitrates in drinking water, responsible for the formation of anemia and cyanosis (especially in children under 2 years).